The Catholic Church and its individual members will undertake appropriate steps to maintain a safe environment for all, by practising fully and positively Christ’s Ministry towards children, young people and adults and responding sensitively and compassionately to their needs in order to help keep them safe from harm.” 

National Catholic Safeguarding Commission, June 2019.  

Our Lady of the Rosary Church is committed to the safety and welfare of children, young people and adults.

All adults acting in the Church’s name have a responsibility to act and intervene when it appears that children, young people and adults are at risk and need to be made safe from risk of abuse, harm or maltreatment.

Who is responsible for Safeguarding?  Everyone, that is clergy, religious and lay people, has a role in safeguarding the young and adults and especially those who may be at risk of harm.

The parish has two safeguarding representatives.  Both have specially dedicated phones and e-mail addresses for safeguarding purposes.

Marie Green who can be contacted on 07501 418189 or, by e-mail, on


Keith Bailey who can be contacted on 07826 774584 or, by e-mail, on

If after reading this page or the sub page you have any questions or you wish to discuss a concern please feel free to call either of the above.  The flow chart below does gives you other options.  Please don’t keep a concern to yourself.


Safeguarding is the action taken to promote the welfare of children, young people and all vulnerable adults and protect them from harm.

Every human being has a value and dignity which we as Catholics acknowledge as coming directly from God’s creation of male and female in his own image and likeness. We believe therefore that all people should be valued, supported and protected from harm.

In the Catholic Church this is demonstrated by the provision of carefully planned activities for children, young people and adults; supporting individuals and families under stress; caring for those hurt by abuse in the past; ministering to and managing those who have caused harm.

It is because of these varied ministries that we need to take all reasonable steps to provide a safe environment for all which promotes and supports their wellbeing. This will include carefully selecting and appointing those who work with children, young people or adults at risk and responding robustly where concerns arise.

The Diocesan flow chart below provides you with the process if you have concerns and which also includes contact details of the Parish Safeguarding Officers.  They will be happy to listen to you and advise.  Everything will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

Together we can make a difference.


In addition to the above contacts in matters of child abuse you can call the following: –

Bromley Social Services 020 8461 7373/7379/7026

NSPCC 0808 800 5000

If you think a child or adult is in immediate danger of abuse you should call the Police on 999

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